October 14-17, 2022
Virtual conference

Join over 30 world-class experts from the comfort of your  own home to learn about the Tellington TTouch® Method
Join over 30 world-class experts from the comfort of your  own home to learn about the Tellington TTouch® Method
This virtual conference is for animal guardians and professionals

Linda Tellington-Jones

Robyn Hood

Alex Wilson

Toni Shelbourne

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4-days of learning: Watch at a time to suit you, access for 12 months
4-days of leaning: Watch at a time to suite you, access for 12 months
30 world-class speakers: 
30 world-class speakers: 
2 practitioner credits for delegates 
3 practioner credits for delegates 
Message from Linda Tellington-Jones's Desk

"Are you an animal lover looking for a positive, heart-centred way to connect and help your animals? This conference will cover a huge array of topics, innovative training and handling techniques. Expert veterinarian observations,
practical ways to address common concerns.
plus the role of cellular intelligence and neurobiology. It will cover how to enhance current training programs with simple, effective and gentle exercises, honouring the mind, body and spirit of animals and their guardians"

Uncovering the potential in any being has been a lifelong pursuit of Linda’s. Through her revolutionary approach to handling, understanding and interacting with all beings, Linda has garnered the respect and admiration of colleagues around the globe. 

This conference provides the platform for collaborating and inspiring others who all have the common goal of helping animals and people, discover their potential for perfect function through non-invasive, cooperative and gentle techniques and exercises.

What will we be learning about?

  • ​Listening to Your Animal
  • ​Expanding Your Wellness Tool Kit
  • ​A "TTouch' of My Favourite Things
  • ​The Neurobiology of Threat 
  • ​Observations and Possible Solutions for Dogs and Horses
  • ​Connected Riding: Transformations
  • ​Learn to be a Sleuth Dog®
  • ​Animal Assisted Therapy and TTouch
  • ​The M.A.G.I.C. of the Wand
  • ​TTouch and the Power of Thoughts and Intention
  • ​From Fear to Forever Homes- How TTouch helps cats in shelters
  • ​Novel exercises to create new experiences
  • ​TTouch for Senior Dogs Care
  • ​Dogs in Translation
  • ​Balance in Everyday Life: Understanding the nervous system and balancing the vagus nerve with TTouch
  • ​Expanding consciousness through TTouch
  • ​TTouch With The Highly Aroused dog

Keynote speakers Include

  • Linda Tellington-Jones
  • ​Robyn Hood
  • ​Toni Shelbourne
  • ​Tina Constance
  • ​Alex Wilson
  • ​Rachel Jackson
  • ​Kathy Cascade
  • ​Lisa Leicht
  • ​Dr. Judy Morgan
  • ​Dr. Rikke Schultz
  • ​Debby Potts
  • ​Lindy Dekker
  • ​Elinor Silverstein
  • ​Dr Daniela Zurr
  • ​Peggy Cummings
  • ​and many more
Conference Format
Conference Format
Expert Recorded Lectures
  • Each day specific lectures will be released to your user account that can be watched at your convenience 
  • On October 17th ALL recorded sessions will be accessible and available for viewing.
  • ​40+ hours of on-demand video recording
  • ​Full access to all recordings for one year (until October 19th, 2023)
Live Panel Discussions
  • Scheduled daily via Zoom with a panel of experts discussing specific topics related to their field of knowledges
  • ​Enjoy personalised learning with interactive breakout rooms and the opportunity to ask questions and share stories.
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